I found this cool picture

2009-08-19 00:51:08 by Fastmario

So i was looking on the internet for cool new video games that may be coming out soon and i saw this picture near on of the articles. It made me laugh so i decided to post it here to show you guys cause cause maybe you will find it funny too cause it cheered me up after a bad day!

I found this cool picture

So i was just showcassing my art in the art forum and all these guys think there so GREAT! THey start makin fun of me and my art! Could someone please tell them to FUCK OFF and stop making fun of my art geez. Just caus they have no talent dont mean they can make fun of me and my art. They are FAGS. I hate FAGS!!
Stupid dorks!!
http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/10 92283

Could i get some creeative support guys?

Filtering the Portal

2009-08-10 16:04:09 by Fastmario

Well I have been on this site for a long time now, and have visited it unregistered for even longer, but there is something that has been bothering me more and more. The term "Everything by Everyone" is completely and blatantly abused by people on an hourly basis, and I think its time to change the motto.

It seems like every week some new spam group pops up and just doesnt want to go away, and for some reason its tolerated and makes it way through without getting blammed, especially now that the bait-and-switch technique is being perfected, and these users create worthless new profiles to disguise who they really are.

I dont know why the FF, the DD, the CC, the KK, the BB and every other group of assholes has to do this, obviously the literally HAVE NO LIFE if they can waste countless hours making spam flashes and putting them up, but they've been pushing the limit daily.

Today was almost the final straw, I have seen spam flashes of drew pickles giving barney a facial, real gay men sucking dick, two 3D raptors getting it on, pictures of massacred Jews, and today a live action video of a man being beheaded. Now how come this shit manages to pass through and stay through? How come after the "under judgement" phase the whistle option dissappears? Dont kids use this site?

Which brings me to my main problem. I dont know who moderates the flash portal, I dont know if its based completely on votes or its done by some Bot, but either way it obviously isnt enough, so i dont know why they dont appoint a user or 2 to do it.

I know I go on the site at least once a day, and If I had to I would gladly go on, review the last 24 hours and happily blam any of that spam kinda shit, whether its under judgement or passed. Forget what the other users think, I think a big moderator insta-blam button would be great.

As for the members of these retarted groups, obviously blocking their current user account doesnt do shit because they just create a new one and change maybe 1 or 2 letters. I know its possible to block IP addresses, Chatango does it all the time, so why cant we just block their IP forever and never have to deal with them again?

As for my previous point, I think the new motto for this site should be "Expert Flash by Expert Artists, and Screw Everyone Else". Why? because I love this site and adore users like Krinkels and Johnny Utah, and I dont think that amazing series's like Madness or Tankmen should be placed on the same webpage as shit like "Drew Pickles Gay XXX" or "Jinx Hentai Parody"

Filtering the Portal

Guys Im sorry for bein a jerk

2009-08-07 20:46:39 by Fastmario

Guys will you accept my apology i was jerk. My Aunt my mom and my dad died in a car accident a few days ago and ive been upset and fruserarted . i took my anger out on you guys and im sorry please forgive me please!I want to be friends i just want you guys to stop makin fun of me. i just want ur friendship

Guys Im sorry for bein a jerk

Hey guys look at this funny picture of Mario i found. Its funny cause he like a gangster when he really isnt. I know mario shoots fireballs, BUT NOT GUNS! Am i right isnt this hilarous! Wat do you guys think?

I found a funny picture of MARIO!!!